San Francisco Bay Area FARM staff and volunteers visited four major public universities in the past week to hold Pay Per View events to kick off the school year. We visited UC Berkeley and San Francisco, Sonoma, and San Jose State Universities, with students on all four campuses were eager to earn a dollar in exchange for watching a 4-minute video about the treatment of animals on farms.

In total, we reached 725 people in just 11 hours over the four days! For the last two events, we introduced a new Vegan Pledge to the PPV sign-up sheet. At both UC Berkeley and San Jose State, over 75% of viewers pledged to eat animal-free meals at least 1-2 days a week. All viewers leave with the message that a vegan diet is the only way to truly avoid supporting the cruelty they witnessed in the video.

FARM’s follow-up surveys indicate that the pledges are not short lived. One month later, over 50% of survey respondents from past events have decreased their consumption of animal products!

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World Farm Animals Day is a time to memorialize and mourn the loss of the 65 billion farmed animals who are killed each year for food. Each year since 1983, hundreds of caring individuals have coordinated events in their communities to draw attention to the ongoing terror facing farmed animals — please join us in taking a stand on October 2nd!

As always, the best way to honor these animals is to encourage others to adopt a vegan diet. For WFAD 2011, FARM is launching our new Pay Per View program — anĀ innovativeĀ and amazingly effective method for exposing the public to the truth about animal agriculture.

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