Raising animals for food contributes substantially to global warming and is responsible for more water pollution, topsoil depletion, deforestation and wildlife destruction than any other human activity. That’s why FARM encourages folks to green their diets to help protect the planet and conserve valuable resources.

Recycling, reusing items, reducing energy usage, carpooling and bicycling all help to protect the environment and reduce our footprint on the planet; however, numerous studies indicate that switching to a vegan diet can cut out 90% of the total emissions an individual’s eating habits contribute to global warming. So while these small steps can make a big difference in saving the planet, switching to a plant-based diet can make the biggest impact.

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There’s a Youtube video circulating within the animal rights community, where a “butcher” pranks unsuspecting grocery shoppers into thinking he is turning live baby pigs into sausage right before their eyes. At first the shoppers are enjoying free meat samples, but as soon as the butcher picks up a live baby pig, their tune quickly changes.

Once the piglets come into view, taste testers immediately spit out their meat samples in disgust. Some shoppers shout at the butcher in horror for what he is doing to the pigs and one woman even hits the man. Caught on camera, the shoppers’ priceless facial expressions show their true feelings about killing animals for food. Yet, I suspect most of these shoppers will continue to purchase and consume animal products, despite their honest reactions to the pig butcher.

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During the week of March 11-17th, author and lecturer Dr. Melanie Joy presented her acclaimed slideshows throughout Europe on what she calls “carnism,” funded in part by FARM’s Sabina Fund. Carnism, as Dr. Joy explains it, “is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals. Most people view eating animals as a given, rather than a choice; but when eating animals isn’t a necessity for survival, as is the case in the majority of the world today, it is a choice – and choices always stem from beliefs.”

Throughout the week, over 750 people came out to hear her speak – but that’s just the in-person lectures. More impressive was the international media coverage, from an interview on Good Morning Croatia to an article in leading Austrian paper Der Standard with nearly 1,000 comments posted on it! Additional articles and interviews across Europe ensured that many thousands of people heard her compelling message.

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This could be YOU! On tour with FARM!

Interested in saving animals and promoting a compassionate vegan diet? Like working as part of a team and enjoy traveling? Then we have a job for you!

FARM has added a full-time touring vehicle to the revolutionary Pay-Per-View program that pays viewers $1 to watch Mercy For Animals’ “Farm to Fridge,” and the vehicle will be hitting the road in early May to begin its cross-country tour. We’re looking to staff the vehicle with a group of committed, enthusiastic activists to join the FARM team as interns for this amazing project.

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